Information for Visitors


Information fo Visitors

We wish you an enjoyable visit to the Botanical Garden of Mount Scopus, Jerusalem. Abiding by the facility rules will ensure that you and all those after you have a pleasant stay.

Cutting or picking plants is strictly prohibited.
Visitors must remain on designated paths at all times.
No climbing the fences. 
No dogs allowed in the Garden.
Swimming  in any of the bodies of water is prohibited.
No fires allowed.

Please keep the Garden clean! There are many trash cans located throughout the grounds.


Public transportation: Bus lines 30, 26, 23, 68, 46,19, 4a
Private vehicle: Coming from the west, head toward French Hill and Hadassah Hospital Mount Scopus. Municipal parking lots are located close to the university. 
Walking: Enter through the Social Sciences gate. Identification is required.

Opening Hours

Sunday-Thursday: 8:00-17:00
Friday: 8:00-13:00
The Garden is closed on Saturdays and holidays. 
Group visits should be arranged in advance.
Entrance is free. Guided tours by garden staff are available for a fee.
The Garden is closed on intermediate Jewish holidays, as well as during the last week of August.

Group Visits

Arrangements must be made in advance for access to the university. Please fax a written request to the Security Department at 02-588-1636. Call 02-588-2018 to confirm authorization. The fax must be received at least one week before the requested tour date.

The fax should read as follows:

To: Security Department
Re: Group visit to the Mount Scopus Botanical Garden 
On (date)_____ at (time)_____ we are interested in a guided group tour of the Mount Scopus Botanical Garden.

If the group will be arriving by bus, a specific request must be submitted for the bus to enter university grounds.

If the group will be arriving on foot, a request must be submitted for entry through the Social Sciences Department gate.

Please include a list of the tour participants' names and details of the contact person.

Guided tours by Botanical Garden staff are available for a fee. For more information please call 02-588-2596.