Sustainability projects


Rainwater Recycling


The global water shortage is steadily intensifying due to natural population growth, pollution and unwise water usage. Water consumption in Israel is among the highest in the world. There are a few ways to lessen the water crisis, such as: pollution prevention, desalination, conservation, and recycling reclaimed water and saltwater. Using water to flush bathroom waste accounts for one-quarter of household water use. In our rain collection system, water is collected from the rooftop and channeled to a toilet cistern. In Jerusalem, the average amount of rainfall per year is approximately 500 mm. The amount of rain which falls on a 50 sqm rooftop is about 25 cubic meters. Our system uses containers of three cubic meters, enough to maintain a toilet cistern for about four months. The rain recycling project is an educational initiative in the field of sustainability, which is in line with the Garden's ecological vision.